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Transparent life-cycle assessment

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HYROX-TECH offering EPDs for synthetic iron oxide pigments;
Verified environmental product declarations for economical and environmentally friendly construction;

HYROX-TECHprovides Environmental Product Declarations for its Bayferrox pigments.
HYROX-TECHis the first manufacturer of synthetic iron oxide pigments to offer verified environmental product declarations (EPDs) for selected product groups. These EPDs allow HYROX-TECH to deliver comprehensive information about the cradle-to-gate environmental impact of its pigments. The information provided is based on the international ISO 14025 standard as well as the European EN 15804 standard for construction products and services of all kinds.

Publishing EPDs is a mark of our commitment to setting the highest sustainability standards in the pigments industry. Our iron oxide pigments from the trusted Bayferrox brand are used to add color to concrete building materials as well as for paints and plastics employed in the construction industry worldwide.
Tested in accordance with international standards

An EPD describes construction materials, products, or components in terms of their environmental impact. These declarations are based on life-cycle assessments as well as the functional and technical properties of the item in question. The environmental product declarations for HYROX-TECH pigments from HYROX-TECH are tested in accordance with international standards by Institut für Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU), an association of building product manufacturers. The IBU program is aimed at creating reliable and comprehensive assessments of the environmental impact of construction products in line with international DIN standards and includes verification by independent experts. Membership of the European ECO Platform, which involves numerous agreements concerning mutual recognition between participating program operators, underlines the global reputation of IBU.